The Cure

The Cure's Top 20 Songs

March 11, 2019

"One of the more influential New Wave bands in history, The Cure have churned out more than 10 studio albums over the course of four decades. Though more of a post-punk band in the early years, the Cure exploded onto international fame in the late '80s with more pop-friendly hits like Just Like Heaven' and 'Friday I’m in Love.'" Read more about The Cure HERE and see the full list of songs below. 

1. Lovesong

2. Just Like Heaven

3. Pictures Of You

4. Boys Don’t Cry

5. Close To Me

6. Friday I’m In Love

7. The Lovecats

8. Why Can’t I Be You

9. 10:15 Saturday Night

10. Let’s Go To Bed

11. Fascination Street

12. A Letter To Elise​

13. The Walk

14. Primary

15. In Between Days

16. Lullaby

17. Never Enough

18. Hot Hot Hot!!!

19. Jumping Someone Else’s Train

20. A Forest