Berlin Bashed: 'Take My Breath Away' singer sorry for performing at Mar-a-Lago NYE party

'I am truly sorry I performed at Mar-a-Lago'

January 5, 2021

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Berlin vocalist Terri Nunn has issued an apology following backlash for performing a New Year’s Eve concert at Mar-a-Lago.

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The singer posted a lengthy message on Facebook addressing the gig at President Donald Trump’s Florida resort. “I am truly sorry I performed at Mar-a-Lago and would not have done so if I'd known what I learned while I was there,” the “Take My Breath Away” singer wrote.

“My goal in performing was not to support a political party. I see now that that's not the way it appeared and I am apologetic for that as well."

Nunn indicated her contract stated the small event would be for the members of Mar-a-Lago and follow COVID-19 safety protocols. “Unfortunately it was not Covid-safe anywhere in Florida,” she wrote.

“I had no idea masks and social distancing were not required. I thought I was current on all Covid news everywhere, but clearly I was not. I was shocked by Florida and Mar-a-Lago's lack of regard for the pandemic and if I'd known I would never have gone.”

“It is a mistake I regret,” she added. “I took a Covid 19 test yesterday and tested negative.”

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Nunn also explained that her appearance wasn’t meant to make a political stance and offered an apology to the LGBTQ community. “My apologies to those in the LGBTQ community who thought my performance was a statement against them. I have been and always will be fully supportive,” she wrote.

Nunn’s former Berlin bandmate David Diamond took to Twitter to distance himself and the rest of the band by stating they had no involvement with the Mar-a-Lago gig.

“A number of news outlets have reported that ‘Berlin’ played Mar-a-Lago for NYE,” he tweeted. “I want to make clear that I was not at this show, nor did I ever plan to attend. I spent the evening at my home in Truckee.”

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