Jack Osbourne's 3-year-old daughter has coronavirus: 'Children can get COVID'

She contracted the virus from one of Jack's employees

September 22, 2020

The 11th season of The Talk started on a somber note as Sharon Osbourne shared the news that her 3-year-old granddaughter Minnie Osbourne has contracted coronavirus.

"I was meant to be in the studio," Osbourne shared. "I was so looking forward to it, and then unfortunately one of my granddaughters has come down with COVID.”

Fortunately, Sharon Osbourne gave a positive update on Minnie’s condition. “She’s OK. She’s doing good,” she said. “I don’t have it. Her daddy doesn’t have it. Her mommy doesn’t have it. Her sisters don’t.”

Minnie is the youngest of three daughters Jack Osbourne shares with his ex-wife Lisa Stelly. The couple were divorced in March, 2019.

Sharon revealed that Minnie had caught the virus from one of Jack’s employees.

"She caught it from somebody that works for my son. It just goes to show you — she’s 3 years of age — that children can get COVID," Sharon said.

As long as she and everyone else in her family remains healthy over the next week, viewers of The Talk should expect to see Sharon back on the show soon. Still, she’s going to be taking a cautious approach.

"I’ve got one more week left of quarantining and then I’m out," she said. "And, as I say, I don’t have it. I keep testing negative, but you have to be safe."

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