INXS Guitarist Sues Boat Rental Company Over Gruesome Career-Ending Injury

Tim Farriss says he can barely play anymore

July 30, 2019

Tim Farriss made a living playing guitar for INXS. Not only can he not work as a professional musician anymore, he can’t even do it for fun. The now 61-year-old suffered a gruesome hand injury during a boating accident in his native Australia in 2015, and says he can do nothing more than play a few basic chords.

Farriss is now suing the boat rental operators for the damage to his body and the damage to his life that he says resulted from losing his finger in anchoring equipment.

“My hand was covered in rust, blood and mud, but I could see one of my fingers had been severed and the others were disfigured, badly lacerated and bleeding,” Farriss said in court paperwork via The Australian.

Farris’ legal team says the boat operators failed to properly instruct him on how to use the equipment, but the defendants dispute that. They say Farris wasn’t careful and didn’t operate the electric anchor properly.

INXS last released an original studio album in 2005 with new singer J.D. Fortune and announced in 2012 that they would no longer be touring. Original frontman Michael Hutchence died in 1997 and is the subject of the new documentary Mystify.