Dave Grohl Accepts 10-Year Old Nandi Bushell's Drum Battle, Challenges Her Back

He challenged the 10-year old to drum to a Them Crooked Vultures song

August 31, 2020

Earlier this month 10-year old drumming prodigy, Nandi Bushell, posted a cover of Foo Fighters' classic "Everlong" and challenged Dave Grohl to a drum battle.

On Saturday, Grohl responded by playing "Everlong" himself, which he mentioned he hadn't drummed on since 1997 because Taylor Hawkins usually takes care of that. He then noted that he's received hundreds of texts telling him about Bushell's challenge and that he's watched all of her videos, calling her an incredible drummer and telling her that he's been flattered by her covering his songs.

Then he gave Bushell what she's been wanting: a drum challenge. He's challenged her to cover the Them Crooked Vultures track, "Dead End Friends".

Now the ball is in Nandi's court...

She's seen the video, thought it was just as epic as we all did, and is now practicing to "checkmate" Dave.

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