Remembering Eddie Van Halen: Celebrate the guitar great with Van Halen Radio

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October 7, 2020

Legendary may be an understatement when it comes to describing Eddie Van Halen’s influence on guitar.

As we continue to remember the late Van Halen guitarist and co-founder, the best way to honor his legacy is to play the music he shared with the world.

Listen to Van Halen Radio for free right now on the RADIO.COM app as we’re playing music throughout the weekend from all parts of Van Halen’s lengthy career. From their debut studio album Van Halen up until their most recent record A Different Kind of Truth and everything in between, it’ll be all Van Halen.

Hear the music that landed Eddie Van Halen on numerous “greatest guitarist” and “best guitar solo” lists throughout the years. The legacy and innovation he left with his guitar playing and songwriting will be showcased all weekend long.

As tributes continue to pour in for the late guitarist, we’ll be offering our own on the RADIO.COM app all weekend long.

Listen to Van Halen Radio on the RADIO.COM app now and be sure to play it loud.

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