Courtney Love's 'great shames' include her solo album, ex Steve Coogan and 'crack'

'Maybe one day I won't hate that record'

January 6, 2021

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Courtney Love isn't a fan of her solo album, among other things from her life.

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In an Instagram post, the Hole frontwoman wrote that her lone solo outing, 2004's America's Sweetheart, is one her "life's great shames," along with actor and comic Steve Coogan, whom she used to date, and "crack."

"Maybe one day I won't hate that record," Love wrote.

While Love does feel America's Sweetheart "has some good songs," she ultimately concludes that, "like Steve Coogan, or crack, it's one of my life's great shames."

"Just the period, sloppiness, men, money, drugs, nightmare," she added.

Love's confession of her "great shames" was inspired by seeing a photo of someone driving a car in Melbourne, Australia, painted with the America's Sweetheart cover art.

"America's Sweetheart having her revenge on Melbourne? AMAZING!" she wrote. "I'm oddly... strangely satisfied with this."

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